Therapy/ Counseling Services, Integrative Nutritional Health Coaching for Mental Health,  Holistic Healing Mindfulness and Trauma Sensitive Yoga for PTSD and Mental Health Wellness,  Reiki and Energy Healing, Couples Intimacy Building and Therapeutic Partner Yoga.

Our Clinicians

Danielle Drugan, MS Ed., LMFT 

My mission is to guide you toward a meaningful, peaceful and balanced existence. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Nutritional Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, Reiki Certified Level 1/2, Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor and Certified Art Teacher. I support a holistic approach, connecting mind and body to create lasting change; I welcome the opportunity to supplement talk therapy with Nutritional Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, the arts, yoga and relaxation techniques based on your needs. We will work collaboratively to create concrete strategies, goals and solutions that can be applied in and out of the therapy session. Together we will access your strengths to support mindfulness, self-acceptance and empowerment so you can live a life of inner-peace and balance.

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